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Requirements to Run Online Presentation Tool - BillboardXT

BillboardXT uses Sun Microsystemís Java technology to support various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.0 or higher is required to run BillboardXT. 


To see if your computer has JRE installed, click Sunís test site at



To install JRE 6.0 visit Sunís installation site at


Introduction to  BillboardXT

  • TV Broadcast Quality

This is just a screenshot of a page created with BillboardXT. It is easy to make eye-catching art effects of text and images with BillboardXT.


  • Online Editing
Add text, images and pages. Change z-order and page order. Save changes to the XtraTek web server. Check permission and so on.
  • Real Time Transition Effects

Add  effects such as fade, zoom, move, roll, and transparency to text or images.

  • View Control

Protect your presentation with a password.

  • Edit Control

Control who can edit your presentation and which page(s) in your presentation can be edited.

  • Custom Design
We design a special layout for you if you have special requirements for your online training courses or online tests.