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Since Xtratek released its first product, Billboard 97, the Internet has experienced tremendous changes. Today’s Internet users like you require more functionality from our products. To address your needs, we have developed our product of the next generation, BillboardXT. BillboardXT is a web service to help you leverage the power of Internet. It can be used to create web advertisements, information broadcast systems, sales presentations, product brochures, photo albums, animated email, greeting cards?nbsp;and almost anything else that you could think of!

Why BillboardXT?

  • Increase revenue by reaching more customers
    Unlike most presentation tools which only support Windows, BillboardXT supports Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac and it helps your presentations reach a much larger number of Internet viewers.

  • Reduce development cost
    BillboardXT's online editing is free and easy to use. No special training is necessary to create your presentations. Our graphics user interface lets you create eye-catching presentations in as little as a few minutes.

  • Reduce maintenance cost
    Xtratek web server hosts your presentations. You can view or edit your BillboardXT presentations wherever you go as long as you have access to the Internet. Our basic services only cost you 10 cents a day.

  • Create new business services by meeting individuals? needs
    You can set password protection for your presentation and have total control over who views your presentations.

  • Improve your business productivity by enhancing teamwork
    BillboardXT allows multiple users to work on the same presentation over the Internet. Furthermore, you would still have total control over who edits your presentations and which pages they could access.

  • Increase information flow to your customers
    BillboardXT can broadcast your text messages to viewers in a timely manner.