SmartUpdate To Include Software Downloads and Installation From More Than 22 Companies Including Macromedia, 3M, Atrieva Corporation;

               Service Includes Key Email Notification Feature

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Netscape Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: NSCP
NSCP National Schistosomiasis Control Program
NSCP National Space Communications Program
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..... Click the link for more information.) today announced a significant expansion to its Netscape SmartUpdate service on the Netscape Netcenter portal site. Netscape signed agreements with more than 22 leading companies to make their products available free-of-charge for automatic download from the SmartUpdate service. SmartUpdate, part of Netscape's Computing & Internet channel The Internet Channel is a version of the Opera 9 web browser for use on the Wii by Opera Software and Nintendo.[1] On December 22, 2006, a free beta version (promoted as a "trial version") of the browser was released. , is a personalized notification and updating service that optimizes a users Internet experience by providing the latest audio, video and communications components and add-ons for Netscape Communicator client software. Over the last seven months, SmartUpdate has successfully generated more than three and a half million downloads. In addition to the new partners, SmartUpdate will include a valuable feature for millions Netscape Netcenter members to receive automatic email notification of new software availability.

"SmartUpdate has proved to be a valuable tool for Netcenter members to keep their Netscape Communicator and Navigator client software current, so we are expanding the service to include a larger, more diversified selection of leading-edge software," said Mike Homer, executive vice president and general manager of Netscape's Netcenter Division." "We will continue to augment SmartUpdate with new partners and key features, such as automatic email notification, providing members with the software and tools they need to keep their Internet software up-to-date. As one of the largest distributor of software on the Internet, we believe the SmartUpdate program serves as model for a new way of dispersing software on the Internet."

Effective June 30, the following software products will be available by visiting SmartUpdate on the Netcenter site.

3M, Post-it(R) Software Notes; Atrieva, Netscape Online Backup
Using the Web to store copies of data for backup. There are numerous providers on the Internet that charge for storage, and fees are typically based on capacity. Online backup services provide offsite backup, which is essential for disaster recovery. See backup types. ; Blaxxun, Blaxxun CCPro; Blue Squirrel, LinkSync; Bonzi, Voice E-mail; CompassWare, Infomagnet; Corel, CMX CMX Corel Presentation Exchange (file extension)
CMX Cisco Mobile Exchange
CMX Cloaca Maxima (sewage system of ancient Rome; Finnish rock band)
CMX Crisis Management Exercise Viewer; Digital Bitcasting, NetToob Stream; Generic Logic, GLG GLG Geology
GLG Ganz Liebe Grße (German)
GLG Grocery List Generator
GLG Glamis Gold Ltd (stock symbol)
GLG Goofy Little Grin
GLG Goodrich Landing Gear Toolkit; IDT IDT Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA, USA)
IDT I Don't Think
IDT Identity Theft
IDT Interrupt Descriptor Table
IDT Integrated DNA Technologies
IDT Inactive Duty Training
IDT Instructional Design & Technology , Net2Phone; Intervu, EyeQ; LiveUpdate, Crescendo Player; Macromedia, Shockwave Flash and Shockwave Director; MBED, Mbed Plug- in; NetJumper, NetJumper 98; NetNanny, NetNanny; Parable, ThingViewer; Pegasus, ImagN'; Software Builders, NetZip; Sseyo, Koan Plug-in; SuperPlanet, Music Genie; VDONet, ClubVDO Player; and Xtratek, Billboard 97.

Email notification, improved download performance and a streamlined registration process will also be introduced with this generation of the SmartUpdate service. SmartUpdate will automatically notify registered Netcenter users through email, of updates to software they have previously downloaded and installed using the service. The SmartUpdate service itself has been revamped to speed the download process with one-click installation, improve the user experience and to simplify the registration steps.

Visitors to the SmartUpdate site are asked to register with Netcenter, and to answer a few questions about their PC. At that point, technology that is built in to Netscape Communicator enables SmartUpdate to analyze a user's system and offer the right components personalized by operating system, software version and language. From that initial visit, SmartUpdate tracks plug-in downloads so that future visits to the service can present the user with Communicator upgrades or new software recommendations that are tailored to their individual needs and interests.

"Macromedia's Shockwave Flash and Shockwave Director power the highest quality vector graphics, animation, and rich multimedia on the web's most compelling sites," said David Mendels, vice president and general manager of graphics, Internet and multimedia authoring divisions at Macromedia. "By streamlining the download process and automatically notifying users of new releases, SmartUpdate provides an excellent service for millions of Internet users and ensures that they can view the best of what the Web has to offer."

"3M is very excited to be partnering with Netscape to bring the popular Post-it(R)brand to more computer users than ever before. Smart Update gives users the ability to easily customize their browsers so that they can now view Post-it(R)Notes on the Web," said Dave Powell, Stationery and Office Supplies Division Vice President. "Plus, our participation in Smart Update will help direct consumers to Post-it(R)Software Notes, a tool that will make it easy for them to organize, remind and communicate electronically."

In related announcements today, Netscape launched of the next generation of Netscape Netcenter, called Netscape `Netcenter 2.0.' In addition, to the enhancements to the SmartUpdate service, Netscape Netcenter 2.0 will include the new My Netscape personalization service, a variety of leading consumer and business channels ranging from Shopping to Computers & Internet as well as several core services including WebMail, Member Directory, Software Download, Search and the new My Netscape personalization service. Netscape also announced today an innovative new concept, called Smart Browsing, which allows users to find information anywhere on the Net quickly and easily.

Netscape Communications Corporation is a leading provider of open software and services for linking people and information over enterprise networks and the Internet. The company offers a full line of clients, servers, development tools, commercial applications and professional services to create a complete platform for next-generation, online applications. Traded on Nasdaq under the symbol NSCP, Netscape Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View, California
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Mountain View is a city in Santa Clara County, in the U.S. state of California. The city gets its name from the views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. .

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